In Ukraine banned the import of 23 Russian books

В Украину запретили ввозить 23 российские книги

The books showed signs of propaganda of the aggressor state, the state Committee refused to issue permits for the importation from the territory of the aggressor state 23 books in which there are signs of propaganda of the aggressor state. About it reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

As noted, the signs of propaganda of the aggressor state, its authorities, the Imperial geopolitical doctrines and the Communist totalitarian regime identified in the books in the Moscow publishing house “Alpina publisher”, “Alpina non-fiction”, “Eksmo” publishing house and Samara “ID Bakhrakh-M”.

In particular, Ukraine did not let the book of Daniel Demina “Corporate culture. The ten most common misconceptions,” in which the author devotes many pages of “powerful corporations and the superpower USSR” and cites the example methods of governance Stalin.

Communist propaganda of the totalitarian regime found in the children’s book by Elena Smetliviy and Lana Bogomaz “What can I learn from Anna Akhmatova”. The October revolution, the contemporary writer-the Russians called “one of the greatest events in the history of Russia”, illustrating the book with portraits of Lenin and chervonopraporne.

In the books of other authors of the publishing house “Alpina publisher” Arthur Salacia “Nonrandom connection: Networking as a lifestyle”, Vladislav Moiseev “Business out of nothing, or How to build an Internet company and not to go crazy” and Mikhail Umarov “PR in real time: Trends. Cases. Rules” popularizada Russian social network “Vkontakte”, “Classmates”, and resource “maі “service portals “Yandex” to which access is prohibited due to the spread of their anti-Ukrainian slogans and ideas aimed at liquidation of independence of our country and violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Also denied permission for the importation of a number of books by foreign authors in Russian publishers use the symbolism of the aggressor state, its authorities and power structures. In particular, the cover of the book of Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon papers “the doomsday Machine: Revelations developer of nuclear war” publisher (“Alpina publisher”) has posted an ad for the book “Interview with Vladimir Putin” and the documentary “Putin”, shown in the broadcast of Russian channels.

In General, starting from 20 may 2017, the state Committee provided 2 939 denials of permits for the import of books from Russia.


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