In Ukraine has become less pogrupowane

В Україні стало менше пограбувань

For purose in the country 21.7% skorties number ronbow, and also 11% hulganisti most cases.

Have production year in Ukraine by 30% smencils number Grabeel – 8% – ulichnyh zlocinu, porwnanie s analogni period view from the past year, Pereda press-service of the National pols.

“The positive trend zmenshennya clast kriminalnih proprosing spottergijs for these types of zlocinu, Yak Graber, yakih scono 30% less rosbe – 21.7%, hulganisti – h less then 11%”, – respown the patron’s head National pols Oleksandr Fatsevich.

Moreover, in the framework of the project diyalnosti mobilnih group reagowania on some cinena domashnyoho force, to CNCA rock Moblin a groupie plotnogo project “Polna” plants, provoditi has eight oblasnyh centers – Vnnic, in Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk, Runoa , Lucku, Herson, Ternopol Uzhgorod.

Also Fatsevich respown about Namir vvedennya of dodatkowych Posad dlinnih after polz on mstah, Pereda

“It nalugoda, systemic preventivni mehanizm have stvorena Ob gnana teritoralna communities. That at a time dodatkovo proports to enter 350 Posad dlinnih after polz, that will zakrin for a specific community” – pasmowa VIN.

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