In Ukraine increased interest rates for deposits in UAH

В Украине выросли процентные ставки для депозитов в гривне

Dollar deposits increased yield only for demand savings.

For the week 4 to 10 February the average rate on hryvnia deposits went up.

This is evidenced by a review of the current Deposit programs in banks of Ukraine, writes the with reference to

The yield on foreign currency deposits did not change.

The average interest rate for demand savings is increased by 0,21 p. p. and is of 8.31% per annum. No changes to the deposits for periods up to one month (10,5%) and from one month to 3 (11,7%).

Contributions ranging from 3 to 6 months went up by 0.09 p. p. to 13.84% per annum. Increased in price and the deposits for a term from six months to one year, by 0.05 PP to 14.47% per annum. Deposits with a term of over years gained 0.02 p. p. and offering of 3.95% per annum.

Dollar deposits increased yield only for demand savings, by 0.02 percentage point to 0.91 percent per annum. The yield of the deposits before the month is 1.41% per annum.

Contributions for a period of from 1 to 3 months offer 1.25% per annum. The cost savings for a period of up to six months – of 2.36% per annum, from six months of 2.84% per annum. Deposits for a term exceeding offer of 3.07% per annum.

The average rate on deposits in Euro increased for demand savings (for 0.01 p. p. up to 0.56% per annum). Deposits for the period up to month offer of 1.07% per annum, from 1 to 3 months of 1.17% per annum.

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