In Ukraine started the national selection for Eurovision 2020

В Украине стартовал Национальный отбор на Евровидение 2020

today, 21:40

8 February the first semi-final of National selection for Eurovision 2020 in which their songs presented to the first eight participants. Live broadcasts were from two channels: STB TA NTU.

The jury of the national selection Danilko, Tina Karol and Vitaly Drozdov. A leading broadcast – Sergey Prytula.

The list of participants and songs:
1. The group [O] — There, where I IDU
2. Jerry Heil — VEGAN
3. Katya Chilly – PCH/Pich
4. Chiti — 99
5. Go_A — Nightingale
6. Cloudless — Drown me down
7. Gio — Feeling so Lost
8. Assol — Save It

Favorite selection this year is Jerry Heil is a popular Ukrainian blogger and singer. She performed under the second sequence number. Her song “Vegan” on the vegan, but, as noted by the artist, and about tolerance, and openness. She wanted to show everyone that Ukraine is a progressive country.

В Украине стартовал Национальный отбор на Евровидение 2020

Despite the important message composition, Sergey Prytula found something to make a joke.

“Andrew Mikhailovich, T. W p s, right? TSE well seen”, asked Danilko Pritula.

“Sorry, so”, – said Danilko.

“Yak Shvydko, T. sznews” – responded Tina.

“Yak bi ti Dragunov, acbi on stage Wisla lyudin I zaspala: I n th mineralku and hto n g Prosecco – Horti you PECL” – continued the joke question Pritula.

В Украине стартовал Национальный отбор на Евровидение 2020

“Now I’ll tell you what you were doing before you broadcast”retorted Danilko, pointing the finger at the leader.

“So, I clouvas finger” – with a smile said Pritula.

Danilko after a verbal altercation with Pritula has continued to Express his opinion about the performance of Jerry Hale, noting that he liked her “Protection otma”.

This great performance for a television show. You do everything easily. I like you very much, sincerely say. Katy Perry somewhere. But then it must be something to surprise you. Perhaps it can also be. But not to mingle, not to get lost in the number of artists? It is very difficult. You sang perfectly. How is this suitable for Eurovision? I don’t know”, – said Danilko.

В Украине стартовал Национальный отбор на Евровидение 2020

“I think it’s very European”, – said Danilko itself Jerry Heil.

“2020 year ogoloshen RIKOM vegan, – todav Pritula. – TSE Kon’yunkturi juncture Pisnya”.

В Украине стартовал Национальный отбор на Евровидение 2020

“I don’t understand why this younger generation… it’s like you can’t swing people. All good, all clean, but want to undermine”, – said Danilko.

What Prytula advised Andrew to go on stage and sing “Make It Rain Champagne”.

Did Jerry Heil in the finals of the national selection will be known immediately after the announcement of results of voting of jury and spectators.

Earlier Znayu talked to the singer Assol, who also decided to take part in the national selection for Eurovision 2020. The star spoke about his competition song and its meaning.

Also his song expressed and Jerry Heil, who will sing in first semi-final of national selection. If she feared criticism and failed to sing live – a Frank admission of the singer.

In addition, his desire to win the national selection said another semifinalist – David Axelrod (David Axelrod), the husband of Alena Brain.

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