In Ukraine, the air warms up to 22

В Украине воздух прогреется до +22

Spring is gaining momentum.

In Ukraine, on Monday, March 18, is expected to be very warm weather in the coming days, reports the with reference to

“Tomorrow, March 18, is expected in Ukraine warm day with short term: + 10 + 19 degrees! In the Vinnytsia region, Chernivtsi region and where more air will be warmed up by the sun, it is expected + 17 + 22 degrees,” says forecaster Natalia Didenko.

In the East of Ukraine is expected + 7 + 11 degrees. In the West it will be cooler 6-10 degrees and possible rain.

Didenko said that in the Center and North of the country is possible gusty winds.

“The people of Kiev! Tomorrow is not a day – SYNOPTIC tale. The sun and heat. In the capital on March 18, is expected around 18 degrees! But if the sun’s gonna kick more powerful, and +20 can pop up. The only – there will be a gusty breeze. But this is against the background of such temperature – nothing. How to wear a lightweight scarf to beautifully developed”, – said the meteorologist.

The forecaster added that on Tuesday, March 19, the weather turned bad and on the West and North will float the clouds and rains.

“So, tomorrow as I walk a new coat, sunglasses, silver sneakers, shoes creamy suede and let me in the apartment is a real fun spring,” concluded Didenko.

В Украине воздух прогреется до +22

В Украине воздух прогреется до +22


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