In Ukraine there will be new mark products

В Украине будут по-новому маркировать продукты

The bill introduces a ban on the use of information which may introduce consumer confusion.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading and in whole draft law No. 8450 “information for consumers of food products”.

For a decision voted 231 MP, reports the online edition of the with reference on EP.

The bill introduces a ban on the use of information which may introduce consumer confusion, especially regarding the properties and characteristics of foods and the consequences of their consumption.

In addition, the bill requires producers to make the labels readable.

Also determined that the mandatory information on foodstuffs must not hide or distort the other text or graphic information.

According to the explanatory note to the document, the bill is designed to harmonize Ukrainian legislation in compliance with the provisions of the EU regulation on providing consumers with information about food products.

The bill provides for providing consumers information about the content in food food additives and auxiliary substances, which, as the findings of scientific studies, cause allergic reactions or intolerance.

The draft law also establishes the requirement to provide consumer information about whether a food product defrosting.

At the same time provides for a departure from a requirement to provide nutritional information regarding certain categories of food products that are not recycled or for which the nutritional information is not the determining factor in making consumer decisions about their purchase.

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