In Ukraine will be required to submit EIT mathematics

В Украине обязаны будут сдавать ВНО по математике

The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine considers the possibility of introducing mandatory testing in mathematics in the framework of External independent evaluation (UPE) in 2021.

As noted by the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych, this step can be taken to enhance the motivation to study of this subject, “In 2007, only 8.5% of the state order — it was a technical specialty, and now is 16.3%.

— The most important thing is to improve the quality of mathematical and natural education, because the child must have a “base”. By the way, we now consider the situation another motivating factor is when all the children in Ukraine will be required to take a mandatory External independent evaluation of the mathematics”, she said.

According to Grinevich, if the decision is made, then testing on the subject will be divided into two levels: basic and specialized classes with profound study of mathematics, writes EconomistUA.

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