In USA French bulldog helped the host win the lottery

В США французский бульдог помог хозяину выиграть в лотерею

He deserved his “share”.

Idaho miniature dog helped his master and his friends to win a million dollars in the lottery. A dog named Stella literally forced its owner, Steve Hughes, to buy a Powerball lottery ticket, caught the winning, reports the with reference to

According to Hughes, he planned to buy a ticket at another store, however, he had to buy it at the gas station, as Stella had locked the car (the animal put his paws on the lock manually lock doors), and her owner had to pass the time where he was. About 45 minutes Hughes teams were forced Stella to press the button again and put it in the car, and meanwhile asked his friend to go to the store at the station and buy a ticket, since they are still stuck at the gas station.

In the end, Stella finally opened the car, and Hughes with her friend could go home. When it’s time to check the ticket, it turned out that he brought Hughes and his 33 friends, who can participate in the lottery for many years (the company buys a ticket every week), a million dollars. American said that Stella got a treat for being “forced” the owner to buy the winning ticket.

After payment of all taxes each of those involved in the lottery along with Hughes, will receive about 20 thousand dollars.

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