[IN VIDEO] A 12-year-old boy is brutalized and strangled on a school bus in Virginia

[EN VIDÉO] A 12-year-old boy is brutalized and é strangle on a school bus in Virginia


A mother from Virginia, USA has shared a horrifying video of her son being attacked on a school bus.

Taylor Brock, whose son is a seventh grader at Walt Whitman Middle School in Alexandria, posted video of the Jan. 23 incident to his blog on Monday.

In this minute-long video, a student is seen punching young Brock, grabbing him by the mouth and throat, threatening him, then seemingly choking him, while pushing him into the seat.

Background , the driver is heard warning the students not to change seats.

“My son came home crying, and I saw the marks on his neck,” Ms Brock told WUSA 9. 'none decided to stand up.'

She wrote in her blog that the attacker was the same girl who stole a toy from her son several months ago.


“I immediately went to the school to show them the video of the attack and the pictures of my son's neck. Seeing this, I was sure that the school would take appropriate action to ensure the safety of not only my son, but also the other children on the bus and at school, by expelling him, ”wrote Ms Brock in her blog.

The student was suspended, which Ms. Brock considers insufficient.

“My son told me that she had returned to school after being simply suspended for a criminal act such as strangulation. How is that fair?” she wrote.

Ms Brock was granted a protective order by a Fairfax County judge, who ordered the girl to stay at least 15 yards away from young Brock for two years .

The mother also filed a complaint with police, saying her son had 'suffered emotional and physical trauma' during the incident .