[IN VIDEO] A giant dragon destroyed by flames at Disneyland

[IN VIDEO] Giant dragon destroyed by flames at Disneyland


A giant dragon caught fire in a massive fire at Disneyland Park in California on Saturday night. 

The 50-foot-tall sculpture was reduced to ashes at a hallucinating speed, during a night show.

The panic-stricken crowd quickly fled the scene of the show, which was taking place on Tom Sawyer Island, media reports premises. 

Authorities report no injuries or deaths in this rather rare incident. 

Dispatched to the scene, firefighters from the City of Anaheim quickly brought the blaze under control. 

A witness told ABC News how the fire started.

“The dragon's head began to shine, and I saw smoke and flames spreading, “said Elaine Gilmer, a tourist at Disneyland, after learning that the show was canceled.

The cause of the fire is not still unknown.

– According to Reuters