[IN VIDEO] A wind of panic runs through the passengers of an emergency landing plane

[EN VIDÉO] A wind of panic runs through the passengers of a landing plane emergency


A plane from the American company Southwest made an emergency landing on Sunday, without causing any injuries, shortly after taking off from Havana airport, after an incident on one of its engines, said announced the Cuban Aviation Corporation (Cacsa). 

A video posted on Twitter by a passenger shows the agonizing moments before the emergency landing, while smoke spilled into the plane.

Around, screams can be heard, as well as crying children.

The aircraft, whose number of passengers has not not specified, was on a flight between the Cuban capital and Fort Lauderdale in Florida, in the southern United States.

“The Southwest airline Boeing 737 (SWA 3923) bound for Fort Lauderdale detected failures in one of its engines during the take-off process,” said Cacsa, which manages the aviation sector in Cuba, on its Facebook page.

The i The incident took place at 12:05 local time (17:05 GMT).

“Following established procedure, it (the plane) was cleared to land at Havana airport. The passengers were evacuated and are in good health. The causes of the incident are under investigation,” added Cacsa