[IN VIDEO] Joe Biden loves all teams… except the Maple Leafs

[EN VIDÉO] Joe Biden loves all teams... except the Maple Leafs


US President Joe Biden is known to be a sports fan, but he may have alienated a lot of Canadians by saying he doesn't like the Maple Leafs of Toronto, Friday. 

Let's just say that many Montrealers agree with the 80-year-old man who made these comments during his visit to Parliament in Ottawa. His audience, which no doubt supports the Senators, was also well pleased.

“Even our sports teams [cross the border]. Baseball, basketball, hockey… you listen to hockey, yes? I must say that I like your teams, with the exception of the Leafs,” Biden said, prompting a standing ovation from MPs in Parliament.

“You know why? That's because they beat the Flyers in January, the president added, recalling his allegiance as a Pennsylvania native. I married a woman from “Philly”, so if I didn't take for them, I would be sleeping alone. I love you, but not that much!”

It must be said that the Flyers are having a miserable season – another – and the 6-2 loss to the Leafs on January 8 did not definitely not helped. The Philadelphia team is second to last in the Metropolitan Division standings with 66 points in 71 games.