[IN VIDEO] They violently beat and rob an unknown woman

[IN VIDEO] They violently beat and rob an unknown woman


A group of violent strangers beat and robbed a woman in Brooklyn on Thursday, in a scene filmed with rare violence. 

The woman of 46 was walking down Broadway around 11:50 p.m. when the group of six suspects approached her.

The video shows the moment the gangsters gather around her, before one of them they do not strike him a first blow, soon followed by a real burst.

First beaten on the sidewalk, the woman topples over, then continues to be attacked in the middle of the street.

Some members of the group, which seems to be made up of men and women, kick her violently while she is on the ground.

An individual then seizes the victim's handbag, which contained his cell phone, wallet, $25 and bank cards, police said.

The victim suffered injuries, but none that would be life threatening, reports the New York Post .

No arrests had been made Friday afternoon.