In Vietnam, on the shore threw an unidentified living creature

Во Вьетнаме на берег выбросило неопознанное живое существо

A strange creature resembles a lump of motile algae.

A resident of KIEN-Jing (city in the South of Vietnam) found on the beach a mysterious creature covered with many tentacles. The discovery was made July 29 a man named Doo We Doo, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

The Vietnamese decided to take the creation to his house to detail his view.

On the attached video shows how something dark brown is showing signs of life. One gets the impression that the creature came to us from another planet.

The man said that in his entire life never seen anything like it. Scared the neighbors Do We Do politely asked the man to take the monster back into the sea. Netizens also noted the eerie appearance of creating.

The experts showed interest in the discovery, suggested that the citizen of Vietnam found seaweed, what not to say.

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