In what world will our children grow up?

In what world will our children grow up?

I have three children (two daughters aged 24 and 21, and a son aged 12), I am extremely happy to be a father, but when I look at what world my children will grow up in, it worries me. Not you ?


We get up in the morning, and we say to ourselves: “Well, what will it be today? What other word will we no longer have the right to pronounce? What idea will we no longer have the right to express? What other institution will kneel in front of two or three hysterical activists? What other stupid theory are we going to try to ram us down our throats? “

It takes all our courage to open the newspaper in the morning.

Just if we don’t need to pour some rum in our coffee before taking a look at the front page.

To use the title of a hit by the Genesis group, it’s “The Land of Confusion”.

It is as if loggers are clearcutting our culture.

We shave everything. We uproot, we set it on fire.

We undermine.

Anti-racists claim that race is the alpha and omega of our identity, people who do not tolerate the intolerable are called intolerant, extremes grow in strength, the center crumbles, it is believed that it It is enough to ban the word “dwarf” to end dwarfism, people who have had the privilege of growing up in peaceful democracies dream of violent revolutions, science is losing ground to the benefit of religion, plots and superstitions. ..

“Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll come across,” Forrest Gump said.

Well, these days it feels like all that’s left is expired chocolates in the box.


I just read The world of yesterday, by Stefan Zweig, the memoirs of an Austrian who describes everyday life in the 1930s.

It looks like our time in every way.

“A whole new youth no longer believed in parents, politicians, teachers; every proclamation of the state was read with a suspicious eye.

“Suddenly, the post-war generation was brutally emancipating itself from all previously established values ​​and turning its back on all tradition.

“With her was to begin an absolutely new world, in all areas of life; and, of course, it started with violent exaggerations.

“In the schools, we set up student councils which supervised the teachers. The study plan was abolished because children only wanted to learn what they liked.

“We revolted for the sole taste of revolt against all established forms, even against the will of nature.

“The articles“ the, the, the ”were deleted, the construction of the sentence put upside down.

“The younger a man was, the less he had learned, the more welcome he was by the mere fact that he was not attached to any tradition.

“Everywhere, the old, distraught, chased after the latest fashion. Suddenly we only had one ambition: to be young. “


Don’t you think it looks strangely like our time?

And what happened after the 1930s?

The rise of fascism and communism.

Have a good day.

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