Increase of the interest for the ” DIY”

Hausse de l’intérêt pour le « DIY »

MONTREAL – The closure of shops due to the pandemic has led some Montrealers want to repair or build things by themselves.

The workshop The Affutés, in Little Italy, has even experienced an increase in registrations in recent months, despite the fact that it could not provide all its usual services. To adapt to the context, the establishment open for only a year, has set up a distance course.

“We have suitable kits to build at home. They were delivered, or they could be picked up on-site. It was really fun to people! For some, it was something to do and others have continued their projects at home. It is even great for the elderly who may not be back for some time,” said the founder of the workshop, Michael Schwartz, who also manages video conferencing for guiding the new devotees.

“When we announced our reopening, we introduced new workshops and we’ve had a wave of registration. Then the enthusiasm, he is really there. In addition, people will probably not be on vacation, so we took the opportunity to do intensive camps to improve her skills and develop her skills,” added the one who believes that the excitement will remain well to this day.

Conquered by the working of the wood for a few years, Marin Valley frequent in normal times the local Affutés to use the tools and the space, but also to learn the technique.

“There is a personal satisfaction to say that I have done it myself instead of buying it. But after that, there is also the reflection of saying, if I can do it, why buy it. We try to act like you can with the environment and with the waste. One may ask why one would buy a wooden object that is going to be done elsewhere and that is going to be transported rather than do it yourself,” explained Mr. Valley, who has recently build toys for his child, aged 7 months.

The workshop Sharpened is located on boulevard Saint-Laurent and has a door to the outside; the activities were resumed as part of this week. You can find the details at

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