Increased risk of repelling a review

Risques accrus de repousser un examen

The head of the department of surgery general of the CHU de Québec implore patients who have symptoms or concerns about their state of health to consult, COVID-19 or not. “For these people, it is more dangerous to stay home than to come to the hospital,” insists the Dr Jean-Pierre Gagné.

The doctor is clear, the risk of contracting the COVID-19 at the hospital have been reduced to the minimum. It would be more dangerous to leave lying around a health problem.

“I think screening for colon cancer, breast cancer, people with heart problems. […] We hear of the horror stories potential people who do not go to the hospital, who say : “I prefer to die rather than go to the hospital at this time”, ” says Dr. Won, saying that these people put themselves at risk to make their situation worse.

“The disease does not wait “

The measures taken by the teams of the CHU de Québec to reduce the risk of contracting the COVID-19 in the walls of its hospitals have had the desired impact.

Currently, according to Dr. Won, “a patient out of a thousand tested” in the hospitals of the CHU is declared positive for the coronavirus.

“It is for this reason that we believe it is time to pass on this message. If you have an exam coming up or if you have symptoms, it is not necessary to expect. Because the disease, itself, isn’t waiting. Do not refer to currently be at the expense of the health of patients “, believes the head of the department of general surgery.

All the more that we do not know what awaits us in the coming months. “The situation has calmed down a little and it may need to take advantage of it. We don’t know what we can expect in the fall. If there is a second wave, we could be almost closed, as it was in march, ” warns the doctor.

Resumption of the usual pace

Dr. Won also specifies that the current volume allows you to see those patients who wish to consult.

For cancer surgeries, no patient is currently “out of time” and activity picks up also on the side of the surgery benign.

“We went up to 18 % of our activity during the load shedding requested by the government in march to prepare us for any eventuality. But as Quebec has been less affected and that the crisis has been concentrated in out-of-hospital, it has been able to gradually resume our activities, ” explains Dr. Won, stating that the current volume matches the normal activities in the summer period.

“It’s running at around 70 %. We took the control “.

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