Incredible animal: the unique deer-albino got on video

American, managed near their home to take video of unusual animal

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Невероятное животное: уникальный олень-альбинос попал на видео

The deer is an albino

74-year-old American from the village of Brighton, Livingston County, Michigan, named Russell Reom captured on smartphone a unique deer albino. To remove unusual animal in the video, the man managed near his home near the road.

“The female is very neotrogena crossed the road, it should be fine,” jokes Russell Reom in the comments for publication Livingston Daily.

According to biologist Ashley Autenrieth, to calculate the exact number of deer-albino around the world is quite difficult. “They are so rare that we have no accurate data, she said. — Can you imagine how they are rare.”

Earlier, we wrote that the nonprofit organization “Foundation for the survival of the orangutans of Borneo” rescued five-year-old female orangutan albino from the inhabitants of the island of Borneo. People caught an animal that strayed from his mother in the forest. In addition, “Today” reported that Russian tourists have discovered the bear rare color. In a video released shows how a mother bear is accompanied by two cubs, one of which is almost white.

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