Incredible speed: the super computer has created billions of Universes in a moment

Supercomputer Ocelote is able to generate millions of Universes in three weeks instead of 100 years

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 08:21

Немыслимая скорость: суперкомпьютер создал миллиарды Вселенных за мгновение

The project has processed data from more than 8 million simulated universes in just 3 weeks

Scientists have long studied the formation of galaxies, using advanced technology for decades, but until now, the secrets of the Universe have been studied only superficially. In astronomy there are many unresolved problems that science still can not explain due to lack of data. Fortunately, scientists have a unique tool that allows you to create many Universes with billions of galaxies for detailed study.

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The development of such a tool belongs to the Professor at the Steward Observatory of the University of Arizona Peter Behroozi. This was done using a supercomputer Ocelote, which is capable of generating millions of different universes and their evolution. The processing speed of computer is so high that for the simulation of a single galaxy, and requiring only from 10 to 48 compute such a computing power of the project is amazing.

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“All the computers on Earth together could not do it for 100 years. So, just to simulate a single galaxy, not to mention the millions we had to do it differently to speed up the process,” explains Peter Behroozi.

Every simulated universe is encoded in such a way as to obey various physical theories about the formation of galaxies. During the three-week period a supercomputer to process the data more than eight million simulated universes and 12 million galaxies, covering about 400 million years after the Big Bang to the present day. Virtual universes, each of which has a conditional term Ex Machina, shut up for the belt any video game with open world.

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Behrouzi team hopes that the study of all the created models will help to calculate the probability of the veracity of the various theories of the formation of galaxies and the entire Universe. Most attention researchers pay to the role that the mysterious dark matter plays in the formation of galaxies, and how galaxies evolve over time and how they produce stars.

“The computer we can create many different universes and compare them with the existing one, which will allow us to determine which rules in the end, we created the visible Universe,” explained Behrouzi.

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“According to conventional theory, the density of dark matter in the Universe was higher, and this condition is not suitable for star formation. We were sure that in the early Universe, galaxies had to stop forming new star. However, models showed exactly the opposite: the galaxy of this size not only actively produce stars, but do it more intensively, and their relatives”, – explained the researchers.

For those who want to delve into the study, you can read the report on the work done (material is large).

We will remind that earlier scientists had weighed the whole galaxy. Also, scientists have found a potential killer of the Earth in the milky Way galaxy.

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Немыслимая скорость: суперкомпьютер создал миллиарды Вселенных за мгновение

Немыслимая скорость: суперкомпьютер создал миллиарды Вселенных за мгновение

Немыслимая скорость: суперкомпьютер создал миллиарды Вселенных за мгновение


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