Incredible video: alligator won the battle with a giant serpent

Witnessed the spectacle were shocked by the brutal stage fatalities

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Невероятное видео: аллигатор победил в схватке с гигантским змеем

Battle of the Python and alligator, filmed in USA

On the YouTube channel Caters to the Clips posted video tough fight Python with an alligator. Clash of the titans managed to take video of a young tourist named Evan Wilson at the Everglades National Park in the United States. Just a few days the account gained over 400 thousand views and hundreds of comments, reports the Herald Martime.

Watch the video: mortal combat Python and alligator

“The alligator came out of this battle victorious and carried off the huge carcass of the snake into the Everglades, where I could no longer follow him,” says Wilson.

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The video also shows how an alligator eats its prey. Witnessed the spectacle were shocked by the brutal scene with a fatal outcome.

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Dark tiger pythons live in Southeast Asia. Length of a typical representative of this species is 3.7 meters, however, there are instances of up to a length of 5.74 meters. They came to Florida 30 years ago, bred in the region of the Everglades, which occupies the southern quarter of the Peninsula, began to destroy the local fauna.

Earlier “Today” wrote about the woman from Florida who said that in her house trying to get a huge four-meter alligator. In addition, we described how in Australia, a crocodile attacked two men who were hunting for wild boars.

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