Incredible zoom: outdated Samsung took a picture of Saturn

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is able to capture the planet Saturn and the moon

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Невероятный зум: устаревший смартфон Samsung сфотографировал Сатурн

To get the photo of Saturn, the astronomer used NASA technology

Astronomer and photographer from South Africa, Grant Petersen was able to capture a fantastic shot of the moon, which was eclipsed by Saturn. And for photos of the Grant used not the camera, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and base 8-inch dobsonian telescope.

Невероятный зум: устаревший смартфон Samsung сфотографировал Сатурн

The moon and Saturn (a small spot on the left) taken on a Samsung Galaxy S8

To get this shot, Petersen recorded the video at 60 frames/s, after which it was treated videomaterial obtained by combining several frames in a more vivid and clear image. The same principle NASA uses to photograph various astronomical events.

Невероятный зум: устаревший смартфон Samsung сфотографировал Сатурн

Saturn with maximum zoom Galaxy S8 through-the-lens telescope

Photo made by Petersen, shows how small Saturn when viewed from Earth, but actually it is the second largest planet in the Solar system after Jupiter. The moon looks huge as it is at a distance of 384 400 km from Earth and Saturn is 1.4 billion kilometers from our planet.

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