Indefensible: “This role is a gift” – Sébastien Delorme

Indefensible: “This role is a gift» - Sébastien Delorme


Sébastien Delorme can't wait for the start of the television season. Impressed by the huge promotion done several weeks before the release of Indefensible (on-air ads, social media, general enthusiasm), the comedian who plays a defense lawyer can't wait to introduce the world to this new character in this new daily series. 

After slipping into the shoes of the one of Quebec's most beloved detective sergeants (in the now defunct District 31 series, should we still specify?), Sébastien Delorme becomes a defense lawyer fully invested in his work in the new daily newspaper of TVA, Indéfendable

“C He is a very good lawyer, very hardworking, very talented and very charismatic, explained the actor to Journal. His involvement in his causes will have repercussions on those around him. He really believes in what he stands for. A bit like Sébastien Delorme who interprets roles, who gives all his heart, all his time and all his passion; when the flame is lit, for Leo MacDonald as for me, it gives great results.”

Excited and thrilled by this new project, the actor confides that he finds “the fun and enjoyable” of playing this defense lawyer; a role he describes as a beautiful gift of life that comes with a lot of emotions and beautiful encounters. That of the young actress Émi Chicoine, among others, who plays one of his clients and with whom he had to play very intense scenes. 

“She is a young actress full of talent, it has not often happened to me to see this pass and I felt that something strong was happening when she was playing, he confided. It's crazy, as an actor, to find myself listening to it and being touched by it. I had to get over it, because my character couldn't be as affected as me. But if she succeeded in convincing me, I am convinced that she will succeed in convincing the spectators of her credibility and the extent of the drama she has experienced.

New look on justice


This role, he says, gave him some openness to the magnitude of the dramas that people experience in these times of chaos. “Because they are not criminals at the base, he specified. There are times in life when suddenly something happens to you that throws you squarely into hard times. This is where defense lawyers come in and support these people. It gave me confidence in the legal system.”

Having grown accustomed to adapting quickly over the last few years of filming a daily TV series, the actor says leaving each day filming happy with what just happened there, what was created. 

“I had to learn how to be a lawyer and how to plead in court, which actually comes to join the more theatrical side of the beginning of my career where I played a lot in theatre. I admit that I had stage fright the first time I found myself in court pleading in front of an audience (the jury, the extras) and engaging in oratorical contests. But when you go beyond your fears and fears, you arrive at this result.”