Independence day: a little-known tradition of Ukraine, which will surprise you

Ukrainian traditions are rich and diverse

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День Независимости: малоизвестные традиции Украины, которые вас удивят

Ukrainian traditions

The independence day of Ukraine every year is traditionally celebrated on August 24. This year we celebrate 28 years of independence of our country. However, the traditions of the Ukrainian people originate from ancient times and there are even some that few have heard.

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We offer you to recall the Ukrainian tradition, which few people know.

Recognition girls

As it turned out, that until the XVII century Ukrainian girls could be the first to admit feelings guys. On such a tradition recalled by the French engineer and cartographer Guillaume Levasseur de Beauplan in his “Description of Ukraine”. The girl came to a guy who was in love with all of his family proposed to marry. To deny a girl was considered a bad omen. So many guys said goodbye to his bachelor life.

The gate is not in place

On Andrew guys often have the power to do mischief. Before the guys near the houses of the girls were confused a road of thread, put the stuffed. And most of all (and this tradition has survived until now) shot the gate and hid them nearby. For example, the gate was found on the roof of the house.

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The egg shows where the treasure

On Easter night, the Ukrainians tried not to sleep, as it was believed who goes to sleep that night – the whole year will be sleepy. Therefore, often did not sleep that night and believed that the red egg will help to find… treasure! It was believed that an egg, heating up in his hand, points to a hidden treasure.

Scare axe tree

On Christmas Eve or the New year, the owner of the house and scared the trees! For this he took the axe and swung him to the tree, which fruited poorly. However, not chopping it down, but only frightened. Someone of the family members had to stand up for the tree and tie it with a straw wisp.

Hay on the floor

For the Christmas holidays in the house to carry the hay and spread it on the floor. So on it went until the third day of Christmas or early in the morning on the old New year. Then the hay was taken out and burned on the road, at the gate or in the garden. Sometimes through the fire jump. It was believed that the way to banish evil spirits.

Earlier, we made a poster of events, where to go on Independence Day.

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News “Today” unite the whole country!

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День Независимости: малоизвестные традиции Украины, которые вас удивят

День Независимости: малоизвестные традиции Украины, которые вас удивят

День Независимости: малоизвестные традиции Украины, которые вас удивят


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