Independence day: MONATIK congratulated Ukrainians

MONATIK wished Ukrainians of mutual respect and peaceful sky

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День Независимости: MONATIK поздравил украинцев


Today, August 24, Ukraine celebrates Independence Day. Exclusive Today.Lifestyle one of the most popular Ukrainian artists MONATIK congratulated the country on holiday.

MONATIK wished Ukraine only good news, high achievements and development, and Ukrainians – understanding and mutual respect.

“Vitayu, Ukraino! Bajan Tobi always Saati ECOMOG jaskrawe; delovati not ukraïntsiv lachey and uves Svit tilki dobrimi the news; naihati uves Svit svoimi nadzwyczajne designerama I strmqm razvitka; Buti napolneny Lyubov’yu, good vzaimodopolnjat, vzaimopomoshi one to one. And the sky let them always clean bude, asnym, mirnim I Spokane, Yak I VRU in our future. S Day Nezalezhnosti, Ukraino!” – says the artist.

MONATIK see a video congratulation with the independence Day of Ukraine:

MONATIK congratulated Ukrainians with Independence Day

Earlier, we also shared video greetings stars of the Independence Day of Ukraine. Among them – Catherine Kuchar, Lily Rebrik, Anatoliy Anatolich and others.

Celebrate Independence Day with the news “Today”:

  • August 24 – join the awarding extraordinary Heroes “Today.”

News “Today” unite the whole country!

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День Независимости: MONATIK поздравил украинцев

День Независимости: MONATIK поздравил украинцев

День Независимости: MONATIK поздравил украинцев


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