Independence Day, the TV channel “Ukraine” will delight the audience with new Thriller “Stranger”

This 4-part story about meeting Misha and Nastia, who must pass many tests

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В День Независимости телеканал "Украина" порадует зрителей новой мелодрамой "Чужая"

Frame from the movie “Alien”

On Saturday, August 24, at 15:20 on the TV channel “Ukraine”, which removes the series “Saga”, will premiere 4-series paintings “Stranger”. In the center of the plot – the young people Anastasia and Mikhail, whose meeting will result in a series of these tests.

Watch the video about how at the FESTIVAL premiere of the detective “Marcus” from TV channel “Ukraine”:

In order not to lose her billionaire husband Vladimir, who longs for an heir, a mother of three girls Irina changes in the hospital newborn fourth baby another boy, Misha.

Years later fate brings children. Between Anastasia and Mikhail fall in love, which does not suit the haughty and ambitious, Vladimir and Irina. They are doing everything to destroy the unwanted impoverished daughter Nastya, not realizing that ruining her own daughter. The role of Anastasia embodied the actress Anna Andrusenko.

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“In connection with circumstances that occurred in the life of my heroine, she has become fairly independent person. She has principles. For the happiness of the man she truly loves, She is ready to sacrifice his own. I think if it’s true love, not some selfish feelings, as it should be. The shooting took place this spring in Kyiv and surrounding areas. We had a very good band, so that left a good impression”, – said the actress.

В День Независимости телеканал "Украина" порадует зрителей новой мелодрамой "Чужая"

Frame of serial movie “Alien”

The film also starred actors Alexander Popov, Kirill Kuznetsov, Anatoly Kotenev, Tatiana Jurikova, Svetlana V. Timofeev-letunovskaya, Oleg Starchuk, Lyudmila Nile, Timur Ibraimov, Alexander Naumov, Dmitry Garbuz and others.

Director-producer – Alexander Parkhomenko. Producers: Valentin Opalev, Natalia Strybuc, Victoria Korogod, Irina Chernyak. The production of the film has been the company “Armada filmz” for TV channel “Ukraine”.

Recall, 24 August at 20:00 on TV channel “Ukraine” will premiere big Christmas show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”, in which will participate the most popular artists of our country – Tina Karol, Oleg Vinnik, Max Barsky, Sergey Babkin, Alyosha, ALEKSEEV, Michelle Andrade, TARABAROVA, TAYANNA, JERRY HEIL, the group “Time and Glass”, MOZGI, KAZKA, DZIDZIO, “Antitila”, “NEANGELY”, “БЕZ you like”, KADNAY, Freedom-jazz, LETAY. Directed large-scale project – Elena Kolyadenko, moderator – Oleksandr skichko.

Celebrate Independence Day with the news “Today”:

22 August – see the special “Ukrainian Day” on the daily lives of Ukrainians throughout the world;

23 August – watch out for the Ukrainian expedition and a record of Ukraine to the Day of state flag;

August 24 – celebrate Independence Day and join the awarding extraordinary Heroes “Today.” News “Today” unite the whole country!

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В День Независимости телеканал "Украина" порадует зрителей новой мелодрамой "Чужая"

В День Независимости телеканал "Украина" порадует зрителей новой мелодрамой "Чужая"

В День Независимости телеканал "Украина" порадует зрителей новой мелодрамой "Чужая"


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