Independence in each of us: the stars congratulated Ukrainians on the occasion

Anatoliy Anatolich, Catherine Kuhar, Lily Rebrik and other stars spoke about his formula of independence

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Today, August 24, all Ukrainians celebrate one of the most iconic holidays of the year – Independence Day. Exclusive Today.Lifestyle Ukrainian stars, among them TV presenter, Anatoly Anatolich, prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine Kateryna Kuhar, singer Sergey Babkin, told what is the formula of independence, and congratulated the Ukrainians with the holiday.

  • Zlata ognevich: “Nezalezhnist – TSE Lyubov to yourself I quiet, hto Givet from twoi the country”.
  • Liliya Rebrik: “Formula Nezalezhnosti – TSE USPH skin nabibagh sincere Ukrainian, povaga to NSA people Ulublena robot I children, that to roblet Grasim Svit”.
  • Anatoliy Anatolich “Formula Nezalezhnosti – if I moju podorozhali swem, ale povertetsya to SVO Ulublena country”.
  • Taras Poplar: “My formula Nezalezhnosti – TSE VNA to sniti odnodumtsev I spline zaradi methylene rogatica to Peremogi.”
  • Sonya Key: “Formula Nezalezhnosti – TSE say those scho ti Dumas, ( pisati those scho ti hochesh”.
  • Sergey Babkin: “Mi neimovirna Chudov nation, talanovito, Mira I spoca”.
  • Kateryna Kuhar: “Formula Nezalezhnosti for me – TSE Postini rozvytok”.
  • TAYANNA: “Nezalezhnist – TSE inspiration, Yak napewno Lyubov’yu I energy”.
  • KHAYAT: “My special person formula Nezalezhnosti – TSE Vira y se I CL, Yak daє incentive to live further”.
  • Arsen Mirzoyan: “Nezalezhnist – TSE freedom of pronatta rsen, action of own choice, that nhto not obejo”.
  • Viktor Pavlik: “My Nezalezhnist at that scho I wry in God, what I love I know what love is – that je is God.”
  • Jerry Heil: “the Formula Nezalezhnosti in fact, Sabi Buti just him. TSE my main rule for life”.
  • TARABAROVA: “Formula Nezalezhnosti – TSE write in his dream, write in itself I pracovat”.

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Независимость в каждом из нас: звезды поздравили украинцев с праздником

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Независимость в каждом из нас: звезды поздравили украинцев с праздником


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