India: concern about climate change after the death of 147 people blasted

Inde: inquiétude autour du changement climatique après la mort de 147 personnes foudroyées

At least 147 people were killed by lightning in the course of the last ten days in the State of Bihar, in eastern India, said Sunday the authorities, alert them of future extreme weather due to climate change.

The balance sheet amounts to 215 people (farmers, rural workers and cattle-breeders) since the end of march in the poorest State in the country, according to the authorities.

“I’ve been told by meteorologists, scientists and officials that the rising temperatures due to climate change is the main cause of the multiplication of the lightning “, told AFP the minister of emergency Situations of the State of Bihar, Lakshmeshwar Rai.

Some 25 people were killed Saturday, he added.

Lightning murderers are quite common in India during the monsoon, which lasts from June to September.

But the authorities have indicated that since January, the number of deaths in the State of Bihar already exceeded the annual balance of the previous years, even though the monsoon season has just started.

The specialist agrométéorologie Abdus Satar told AFP that the lightning and thunder were caused by an instability of large-scale, fuelled by a rise in temperatures and humidity levels that are too important.

More than 2300 people have been killed by lightning in India in 2018, according to the official statistics.

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