India: partial resumption of flights after a two-month ban

Inde: reprise partielle des vols intérieurs après deux mois d'interdiction

NEW DELHI | After a two-month ban due to the outbreak of coronavirus, domestic flights were again able to take off Monday in India, in a partial manner and in a certain confusion.

Dozens of planes have taken flight departing from New Delhi and other major cities of the Asian giant to the South. A thousand internal flights were scheduled for Monday, which represents a third of the traffic as usual. The international links are banned by India.

But many flights have been cancelled at the last minute due to restrictions imposed by the different States in india, arousing the wrath of passengers. In spite of the opposition of the central government, several States have enacted a quarantine of 14 days for travellers arriving in their region.

In the morning, more than 500 people lined up to enter the grand terminal of the Delhi airport, all wearing masks and standing in a meter of each other in order to respect the separation physical. Agents were checking their temperature.

Number of travellers returned to their home after being blocked two months away from home because of the containment as a national force since the 25th march, which has made travel impossible in the country.

Protected by a screen of transparent plastic, security officers were checking the travel documents as well as the presence, on the phone, passengers, application of plotting the government, Aarogya Setu.

A student in New Delhi, Gladia Laipubam looked forward to finally being able to find his home in the north-east of India, after a long wait. However, “the idea of flying is terrifying. Anything can happen. It is very risky”, she told AFP.

Equipped with gloves, mask and face shield, an employee of an airline charged that her colleagues and she were “nervous” to return to work.

“Interact with so many people at this time is so risky. I had to be in contact with at least 200 people since this morning”, told AFP this employee who did not wish to be identified for professional reasons.

This resumption of flights comes at a time when India reported on Monday its largest increase in daily cases of COVID-19 diagnosed, with 6 977 new patients identified in 24 hours.

The country of 1.3 billion people officially registered at this point 4 021 died of the novel coronavirus to 138 845 confirmed cases.

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