India shocked by the agony of an elephant wild

L’Inde choquée par l’agonie d’une éléphante sauvage

Bollywood Stars, athletes and captains of industry claim to their dismay in India after the death of an elephant in her enclosure, killed last week by a fruit bomb with firecrackers.

The pachyderm wild had ventured on may 27 in a village in the State of Kerala, where he had eaten the fruit-filled firecrackers, which exploded in the mouth. The authorities believe that it was a pineapple.

After several hours of agony, the elephant succumbed to his wounds in a river. The fruit bomb is a technique commonly used by the villagers of the region to protect their crops from wild animals.

“Aghast to hear this as it happened in Kerala. Treat our animals with love and put an end to these acts of cowards,” said Wednesday night on Twitter, Virat Kohli, captain of the indian cricket team.

Many celebrities indian, have made their accounts on social networks as a megaphone to denounce the fate of the animal and call the authorities to find the perpetrators.

“What happened to this elephant is a heart-rending, inhuman and unacceptable!”, thus insurgent actor Akshay Kumar.

Chairman emeritus of Tata Sons, parent company of the huge conglomerate Tata, Ratan Tata is said to him: “sad and shocked”. “Such criminal acts against innocent animals are not different acts of premeditated murder against other humans,” said the magnate on his Twitter account.

The authorities were investigating to determine the exact circumstances of the death of the elephant, and the central government has pledged “no stone unturned” to find the persons behind this act. “It is not in indian culture to give the firecrackers of food and to kill”, said the minister of Environment and Forests, Prakash Javadekar.

The extension of the human presence in India causes regularly skirmishes with the local wildlife, which sees its territory and its way of life eroded little by little.

Approximately 2361 people have died in elephant attacks in the South Asian countries between 2014 and 2019, according to government data.

At the same time, any 510 elephants have been killed by men, including 333 electric shock, and a hundred other of poaching or poisoning.

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