Indian forces and chinese deployed “in large numbers” at the border, according to New Delhi

Les forces indiennes et chinoises déployées « en grand nombre » à la frontière, selon New Delhi

India has acknowledged Thursday for the first time that she had matched China in the deployment of military forces in the disputed frontier between the two countries in the Himalayas, after a confrontation between the murderer between their two armies in mid-June.

“The two parties remain deployed in large numbers in the region, while the military contacts and diplomatic” to try to resolve the crisis “will continue,” said Anurag Srivastava, the spokesperson of the indian ministry of foreign Affairs.

He accused at the same time China have been the source of tension, having begun the deployment of troops in the region.

The two neighbouring countries are mutually blamed the clashes on 15 June in the region of Ladakh (North of India) with at least twenty deaths in the ranks of the indian army and losses that are not encrypted on the chinese side.

The spokesman said that “china equities” on the path to contested border between the two countries had led to these clashes.

On June 15, soldiers, indians and chinese fought each other with fists, stones and sticks in a valley fought over in the desert in high altitude of Ladakh, the first deadly clash between their troops since 1975.

“At the heart of the problem is the fact that, since beginning of may, the chinese side has amassed a large contingent of soldiers and weapons along” the frontier, according to the spokesperson.

He has accused China of having obstructed patrols the indian in violation of the agreements concluded in order to avoid the skirmishes between the two armies, which fought a border war in 1962 and have had regular encounters since that date.

He said that chinese forces had built “structures” on the indian side of the line of demarcation in the valley, Galwan in Ladakh, where took place the battles of the mid-June.

India has had to undertake deployments ” in response to those of the chinese army, he continued.

The military officials and diplomats of the two countries have had discussions to try to defuse tensions.

China has accused indian forces of having been the cause of the clashes on 15 June, and to have attacked its soldiers.

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