“Indiana Jones”, soon to be adapted into a TV series?

«Indiana Jones” ?


Get your whip and your hat ready, Indiana Jonescould land on your small screens. After Star Wars, Disney+ could well develop a series on the most famous archaeologist in cinema.

This is a project that has not yet been formalized. According to information from Variety, Disney+ is “actively” working on the development of a series on Indiana Jones.

While discussions have already been launched, according to the declarations of certain sources to the American media, Disney is still looking for screenwriters.

For the moment, no element of the plot has been mentioned. It is therefore difficult to know if the series would serve as a prequel or spin-off or if it will be linked to the fifth installment of the franchise, scheduled for June 28, 2023 in cinemas, as the series WandaVision and She-Hulk with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The question remains who will take over the role of the legendary Indiana Jones since Harrison Ford has already declared that he no longer wants to play the adventurer after the fifth film. The American actor played the famous character in the four films, directed by Steven Spielberg, from 1981 to 2008.

However, this series on the universe of Indiana Jones will not be the first to see the day. The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) was broadcast for two seasons on ABC, between 1992 and 1993 (from 94 to 95 in France on TF1) , and four special episodes were made between 1994 and 1996. Harrison Ford had nevertheless made a cameo in one of the episodes, thus giving some hope for the fans concerning the future series project.

Disney seems well on its way to developing “multiverses” with series, based on its lucrative franchises. Besides She-Hulk, Loki, WandaVision or Falcon and the Winter Soldier universe Marvel, The Mandalorian from the Star Wars universe and even High School Musical: The Musical, the series, the streaming platform will unveil soon the series on the film Willow.