Indigenous leader beaten by police officers in Alberta : the incident is under investigation

Chef autochtone battu par des policiers en Alberta : l’incident sous enquête

The royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) announced on Saturday that an investigation would be opened to shed light on an incident reported by the chief of the First Nation chipewyanne of Athabasca, in northeastern Alberta, which claims to have been beaten by an officer last march, in Fort McMurray.

The lawyer Allan Adam, who runs his community since 2007, has called for an independent investigation regarding the beatings suffered by his client at the exit of the casino, march 10, at 2 o’clock in the morning.

This is the response Team of the Alberta serious incidents (ASIRT) has been contracted by the RCMP to investigate, he was revealed in a press release. ASIRT may be based on images several european countries of the altercation, which have been made public by Mr. Adam and his lawyer.

Accompanied by his wife and niece, Allan Adam, was apprehended by agents of the RCMP as the vehicle registration was expired. A police officer then raised the hand on the wife of the native chief, who opposed the gesture. A second officer arrived on the scene and an altercation followed.

Mr. Adam has been shot in the face while police officers beat his head against a sidewalk. He has been accused of resisting arrest and would have spent a night behind bars, according to what has been reported on Global News.

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