Indonesia: a Sumatran tiger found poisoned

Indonésie: un tigre de Sumatra découvert empoisonné

JAKARTA | A Sumatran tiger, no doubt poisoned, has been discovered in the north of the indonesian island, announced Tuesday an official of the national park Batang Gadis, the day after the arrest of four men suspected of poaching and accused of having killed another specimen of this endangered species.

The carcass is buried, a male has been discovered in this national park following a report. According to the preliminary conclusions, “the tiger has been poisoned”, said to AFP the spokesman of the park, Bobby Nopandry.

A part of the fur and organs of the animal are missing.

Of the inhabitants, including a village chief, said that the fawn had been poisoned by farmers who blamed her for killing their livestock, according to Mr. Nopandry.

On Monday, the police of the province of Aceh, located in the north of the island of Sumatra, announced that it had arrested four men. A tiger skin, teeth and bones have been confiscated from suspects. The police are suspected of having the intent to sell these trophies traffickers.

The conflict between the tigers and the locals are frequent in Indonesia, especially in the areas where the deforestation for the cultivation of oil palm trees has reduced the natural habitat of these animals.

Fatal attacks of tigers against the inhabitants have been recorded in the island of Sumatra in 2019.

But about 80% of the dead Sumatran tiger is attributed to poaching, according to Traffic, an international organization that fight against animal traffic.

The Sumatran tigers are one of the most endangered species in the world, according to the international Union for the conservation of nature, which is estimated at fewer than 400 individuals still in the wild.

The bodies of the tigers are widely used by the traditional chinese medicine, a market that is lucrative for traffickers, despite scientific studies proving that these remedies have no therapeutic efficacy.

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