Indonesia: at least 30 dead in a landslide, according to a new count

Indonesia: At least 30 dead in landslide, new findings say account


At least 30 people were killed in a landslide on the Indonesian island of Serasan on Monday, according to a new tally after new bodies were discovered on Thursday, an official said.  

Patli Muhamad, a local government spokesperson, told AFP that nine bodies were found under rubble in the village of Pangkalan, adding that 24 people are still missing.

The landslide of land struck the island of Serasan, one of the most isolated in Indonesia, located in the Natuna region between Borneo and Malaysia on Monday.

Mr. Muhamad explained that poor weather conditions initially slowed down search and rescue operations but they have since improved and lines of communication are gradually being restored.

The landslides of land are common during the rainy season in Indonesia, where the situation is sometimes aggravated by deforestation and sustained downpours that have caused flooding in several areas.

Experts say climate change is making these disasters worse .

The head of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Suharyanto, who only answers to one name, said the regional government of Natuna had agreed to relocate dozens of families away from affected areas, to reduce risk in future disasters.

In the Banja region, located in the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo, flood waters flooded more than 17,000 homes and upset rsed local life for a month.

Neighbouring Malaysia was also the victim of very serious floods which led to the evacuation of nearly 41,000 people in several states of the country.