Inexperienced beautician accidentally deleted female eyebrows: photo

Colleen Rice claims that after a visit to the beauty salon she started having an allergic reaction

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Неопытный косметолог случайно удалил женщине брови: фото

Colleen Rice

37-the summer inhabitant of great Britain named Colleen Rice before week-long vacation in Tenerife (Spain) decided to freshen up and went to the beauty salon. However, after cosmetic procedures, made an inept Intern, the client was left with no eyebrows.

“My eyebrows rose a little more than his normal form, and I decided to pull out,” says Rice, in comments to the News

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The Briton says that the master, which maintains her always, the day was busy, so she had to ask for help to the beautician trainee. After the procedure the specialist said that brows need a little draw with a pencil. However, before this Figure got a look at myself in the mirror and found that she had completely shaved the Central part of the left eyebrow.

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Senior beautician tried to rectify the situation and drew the woman bold brows are in style of Angry Birds. Rice tried to wash them with wet wipes, but the paint is already ingrained in the skin. In addition, she started having an allergic reaction – her face was swollen.

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Colleen Rice wrote a post on Facebook with a request to help her fix the situation. He responded to her friend-the beautician, who told her how to draw on eyebrows tinted.

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