Inexplicable and irresponsible

Inexplicable et irresponsable

At the dawn of a second wave of the COVID-19, that are waiting for our political authorities to make the mask mandatory in enclosed public places, including shops and public transport ?

Their refusal is inexplicable, inexcusable and irresponsible. Several scientific studies confirm however the effectiveness of the mask to slow the spread of the virus.

The problem is that only a minority of people the door. According to observations of the 24 hours, less than one-third of Montrealers do. But, more and more cities require it, but not here.

Toronto the will in the transport. Ottawa has already done. In the editorial, even the Globe and Mail supported yesterday the imposition of the mask.

We made seat belts mandatory because it saves lives. Our rulers are not satisfied with the ” highly recommend “. In the Face of the COVID-19, the same principle of protection applies to the mask.

Radio Silence

Why wait blissfully for the second wave ? To ” see ” if the emergency will overflow 24/7 ? For from the homes of outbreak ? It is where the duty to do everything to better prevent ?

To justify them, the authorities say they do not want to disadvantage people unable to purchase a mask. They distribute ! Being on a respirator or in a coffin, it is a lot more traumatic than a mask that we will be obliged to wear.

In the fight against the COVID-19, Quebec already has enough accumulated failures. No need to add the refusal to impose the mask so that he could contribute right now to reduce the strength of the second wave.

As in the greater metropolitan area – the epicenter of the virus in Canada, except among others for Outremont, Mont-Royal or Westmount, in the rest of the town, much more densely populated, the “distancing” is a myth.

Even convenience stores are often small. What about the bus and the metro – incubators to contagion as long as the mask will not be imposed. A tweet from Dr. Alain vadeboncoeur co, emergency physician, the illustrious brutally :

“A young woman of 24 years old monte in the subway this evening, masked. In let pass another, in the fifties, keeping his distance. The other approach to 1 cm of the young woman and sneezes loudly in his face, Madam, you’re lucky that I was not there. The young woman is my daughter. “

No reason

If the” éternueuse “, may be contagious, had been forced to wear the mask, no one would have risked to be infected by it. Speak, breathe, cough or sneeze, are all potential vectors of infection of the virus.

Another possible element of the chain of contagion of the COVID-19 militates in favor of a mask mandatory. In addition to the nose and the mouth, the eyes could sometimes also serve as a gateway of infection.

Where the visors worn, in addition to the mask, by the medical staff and the many employees of commerce.

Example : you wear the mask in a public place closed. A person is contagious – who knows or does not know, approaches you. She is not wearing the mask. She talks to you more long or hard, cough or worse, sneeze. In spite of your mask, the virus could infect you through her eyes. If the other person was wearing the mask, the risk would be greatly reduced.

In short, the addition of the imposition of the mask to the instructions known could avoid a plethora of risky situations. There is NO valid reason to leave people “free” to decide. The COVID-19 being sneaky and very contagious, it is an obvious question of public health.

By doing this, we could finally find a semblance of life minimally safe for the citizens and the economy.

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