Infestation of wasps: a very big year

Infestation de guêpes: une très grosse année

Different companies, and extermination are very occupied to treat and prevent infestations of wasps that have started, there is a little more than two weeks.

“There are wasps this year, it’s unbelievable. It has beaten records of drought in the 10 or 12 years, so the wasps have the opportunity to travel,” says Samuel Genest, general manager at Abat Extermination.

“Recently, we’ve had some nights that went down to the bottom of 0 degrees, with warm days, therefore it encourages the wasps to accumulate heat to areas of sun, such as the roof space of the buildings,” says Mr. Genest. Beat historical records. This is a big, big, big year for wasps to predict.”


When the wasps succeeded in penetrating the soffits of roofs, they can be found inside of living spaces, which is not desirable. The next two weeks will be crucial, writes Samuel Genest. The next full moon, June 5, is, in fact, conducive to the egg laying.

“So, this week, they will decide where they will settle to lay,” says Mr. Genest.

Treatment and prevention

In V Extermination, which also receives many calls about wasps, it indicates that, increasingly, the queens survive the winters difficult, managing to find shelter in the roofs of the houses.

“We see outbreaks becoming more frequent”, says Jean-François Maheux, technical representative, adding that treatment and prevention are the best way to control wasps in urban, he insists.

“It will not stop the problem, but to reduce it and stabilize it, yes,” he continued.

He added that a wasp senses the pheromone of fear in humans. This may make it aggressive and lead to a sting. It is thus necessary to exercise caution when undertaking to dislodge a nest.

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