Inflation and Labor Shortage Overcome Montréal en Fêtes

Inflation and labor shortages are taking over Montreal in parties


A tradition for almost 10 years, Montréal en fête and its New Year's celebrations at the Old Port will not take place again this year. 

But unlike in the 2020 and 2021 editions, it's not the COVID that comes to play the spoilsport this time. The organizers have decided to take a break to review the event's financing structure and rethink the economic model for the future.

Inflation, labor shortages and under- public funding prompted the decision to cancel the event, with the team calling the situation an “unsolvable puzzle,” in a statement.

“Freebies have always been central to our mission and today 'today we must completely review our model and our financing if we want the free event to survive…”, indicated Tuesday Dimitri Soudas, president of the board of directors of Montréal en fêtes.

Each year since 2013, Montréal en fête has reached nearly 200,000 festival-goers, who are invited to gather in the various public squares set up and decorated for the occasion or to attend the famous New Year's Eve Party, with its big show music followed by fireworks.

Montréal en fêtes is a non-profit organization (NPO) dedicated to the production of free activities accessible to all during the holiday season in Montreal.