Inflation: This Japan wine pool will cost a lot more

Inflation: This wine pool from Japan will cost a lot more< /p> UPDATE DAY

We all have our little guilty pleasures in life. For some, it's eating a good meal. For others, it's going for a wine bath at a Japanese spa.  

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, an Onsen located in Kanagawa Prefecture, allows guests to immerse themselves in Beaujolais Nouveau, a red wine hugely popular in the Land of the Rising Sun. “It smells so good,” says a customer. It's warm and relaxing.”

The Japanese state imported 3.8 million bottles in 2020. This represents nearly half of the exports from the French region where it is produced.

However, this attraction will cost more and more as the value of the Japanese Yen plummets. The price of a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau has doubled since 2021. 

“I work in the hotel industry and the rising price of alcohol puts a lot of pressure on businesses” , explains a visitor.