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“Inhumane” working conditions: reality TV candidate sues Netflix


One of the suitors for the second season of Netflix reality show 'Love is blind' claims the contestants were 'forced to film drunk' and are 'sleep and food deprived'  

Jeremy Hartwell, a mortgage company manager in Chicago, had to take several days to recover from the effects of sleep deprivation, lack of access to food and water, as well as copious amounts of alcohol provided to him while filming the second season of the reality show. 

For him, the production violated several labor rights, knowingly. “[These deprivations] made the candidates hungry for social connections and altered their emotions and decisions,” Chantal Payton, Jeremy Hartwell's lawyer, told CNN. 

With the lawsuit, the ex-candidate of “Love is blind” hopes not only to open a class action for the show, but also for other productions of the American giant like “The Ultimatum” or “Married at first sight”. Mr. Hartwell is seeking, among other things, unpaid wages, financial compensation for missed meal breaks, damages for “unfair” business practices and civil penalties for the “violation” of the Labor Code. 

“I firmly believe that these practices are wrong and that they must change. And hopefully the lawsuit will become a catalyst for those changes, so that future reality TV actors don't have to go through that,” said Jeremy Hartwell.

The producers of the The show, Kinetic Content and Delirium TV responded to Hartwell's complaint on Friday. According to them, this pursuit would only be a personal vendetta, since Jeremy Hartwell did not find a connection during the filming of the reality show and had to leave the adventure from the first week. 

“While we do not speculate on his motives for bringing the lawsuit, Mr. Hartwell's allegations are completely unfounded, and we will vigorously defend against his allegations,” the producers added.

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