Initial budget 2024, associations, launch of work, activity zone on the agenda of Cœur de Lozère

Initial budget 2024, associations, launch of work, activity zone on the agenda of Cœur de Lozère

L'extension du gymnase de la Vernède comprend des bureaux d'associations, une salle de convivialité. MIDI LIBRE

Le conseil communautaire Cœur de Lozère s’est réuni jeudi 11 avril 2024 à Mende.

The session of Thursday, April 11, 2024 opened with the closing of the 2023 accounts of the intermunicipality, main budget and annexes. The whole package was approved minus two opposition votes, for the main budget. Concerning debt, increased to just over 10M&Euro; accumulated for 33 loans, representing a little over 600 € debt per capita, Emmanuelle Soulié, opposition advisor, spoke: "The gap is widening a little more between operation and investment [& ;hellip;] Less than 5% of the budget concerned investments. We cannot go below 10 million euros, yet there are solutions to find room for maneuver. S’also taking from the distribution of the 543 000 € subsidies to associations. The whole thing provoked the ire of Laurent Suau, the president: "I see that the situation has improved. It’s wrong to say that we don’ invest. The proof, the Chaousse economic zone […] We have new public policies. Water, sanitation. We need labor […] And inflation ? We need to keep the swimming pools running […] Associations make services to the population. You speak easily."

Work supported by the State and the Department

After the passing of arms, the initial 2024 budget was examined: concerning the main budget, 10,940,229.84,84 euros; operating cost, 7 765 920.56 € in investment, approved unanimously minus two votes. The additional budgets were approved unanimously (PMS Badaroux, youth hostel, bioenergy relay, professional premises of Badaroux, Mende Brenoux aerodrome, commercial premises of the Chapter, PMS of Barjac, Valcroze, PMS of Saint -Bauzille, airfield hangar, water, sanitation, small train). The two opposition councilors voted against the budgets for the 6th and 7th tranches of the ZAE Causse d’Auge and the ZA Lou Chaousse. The initial budgets have been adopted.

Point number 8 concerned the local direct tax rates which will not change in 2024, i.e. 26.18% of economic land contribution, 6.71% for housing tax, 12.10% for unbuilt land, 3.5% for built land. For the household waste removal tax, Mende is taxed at 9.92%, the rest of the intermunicipality at 8.44%. Here again stable figures. At point number 11, the vote on the 131 grants to associations. All adopted but without the two votes of the opposition concerning the Cœur de Lozère commercial office (75,000 euros) and the life office associative Mende Cœur de Lodève (25,000, €).

The subdivision of the ZAE Lou Chaousse

The acquisition of the AH 870 plot by the community of communes, with an area of ​​87  719 m2, was acquired for the sum of 1.157 million euros. The lots will be offered for sale at the price of 24 euros/m2 excluding tax. Thus, 14 lots found buyers. Thus, companies in real estate, technical inspection of trucks, agricultural equipment, roofing, among others.  

Concerning the work supported by aid from the State and the Department, several investments have been validated: extension of the Vernède climbing wall (42 236  ;nbsp;€), separation of the sanitation networks in Mende (222 000 €), repair of the roofs of the gîtes in the holiday village (59 560€); nbsp;€), extension of the Vernède gymnasium (550 000 €), renovation of the Rouffiac sports complex (133 216 €), sound system for the Sagnelongue cultural space in Pelouse (12 877 €), redevelopment of commercial premises in Barjac (46 500 €), acquisition of  rsquo;an electric vehicle (46 500 €), bringing intercommunal buildings up to standard (45 878 €), work on the Marceau Crespin swimming pool (32  nbsp;419 €).

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