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Initiation holiday camp

Initiation Holiday Camp


During the long summer break, many young people like to participate in organized activities that excite them.

There is nothing wrong with hanging out at the park, but after a few days you sometimes get tired of the routine.  

Although the cost of living has literally exploded, some parents with some savings send their offspring to specialized stays where there are activities in the spotlight such as horse riding, sports, dancing, music, etc. Several years ago, I told you about the Lac Saint-Pierre Fishing Academy, which has given itself the mission of raising awareness and educating young and old about the practice of sport fishing.


Vincent Delisle, from Quebec, has a bachelor's degree in social work. He worked for 14 years in the CLSC network with teenagers. A few years ago, with his wife Amélie Caron, he launched the Speyrit company which is dedicated to introducing young people to fly fishing; the name Speyrit being derived from the technique of throwing ” spey ” and the word “spirit“. 

“Our goal is to fill the intergenerational gap between the grandparents and the new generation, who did not have the chance to have this passion transmitted to them,” explains Mr. Delisle. 


Among the many initiation and teaching projects, the idea of ​​holiday camps came to them quite naturally, especially since Vincent and Amélie been day camp counselors when they were younger.

Since 2021, the Speyrit company has been offering its expertise and mentoring services for young people via already existing sites such as Camp Kéno in the MRC of Portneuf, Odyssée day camp in Baie de Beauport and Camp le Manoir in Les Landslides.


During the stay, the next generation will learn everything related to the handling of the rod, the tying of flies and the entomology to recognize insects and create reproductions to outsmart the coveted fish.

The whole thing is crowned by a day of fishing where there is no shortage of action.

To find out more about stays that take place between June 25 and August 12, where all fishing equipment is included, call 418 842-6457 or visit the site

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