Innovation: Shop Ta Place brings together all the good tips from Idris Salvi and Charlotte Leygue

Innovation: Shop Ta Place brings together all the good tips from Idris Salvi and Charlotte Leygue

Les deux jeunes Héraultais devant le Point Virgule, une des nombreuses salles Parisiennes qui joue le jeu. ML – DR

À peine lancée, la start-up créée par les deux jeunes Héraultais fait le buzz en région Parisienne avec sa plateforme anti gaspi culturel.

The concept is simple: Collect unsold tickets in Parisian performance halls and put them online the same day at reduced prices! With Shop Ta Place, Lodévois Idris Salvi and Montpellier Charlotte Leygue have found the right vein. Launched at the end of March, the application is already working very well and its creators are working on TV, radio and interviews.

Access to culture for young people

"We live and work in Paris, capital of culture. This is where we chose to develop our project initially" tell Idris and Charlotte who are also finishing their Masters in business school. Based on the observation that 30% to 50% of seats are unsold at each theater performance in Paris, and that the audience who attends them is rather elderly, the young couple therefore decided to launch the sale at the last minute.  "To go see a play, a concert, stand-up, visit an exhibition. Many of the rooms contacted have agreed to play the game and the start is good" continues Charlotte, 22 years old. "The directors set their prices, which can go as low as 70 %. We just take a small commission on the customer's purchase which is reinvested in our start-up" adds Idris, 23 years old. This is a good plan for individuals, and in particular young people who can thus afford cultural outings without breaking the bank.

Innovation: Shop Ta Place brings together all the good tips from Idris Salvi and Charlotte Leygue

The Lodévois Idris and the Montpellier Charlotte believe a lot in their project. ML-DR

This also brings a new clientele to a sector currently in crisis in the face of new consumption patterns. "This platform promotes access to culture, in giving the opportunity to see very nice proposals, in all styles and for all ages". And make those who use it want to return to a theater, a performance hall, a museum.

"We base ourselves on an anti-waste model that we see in food or tourism , specifies the creators who had tested the idea as part of courses at Montpellier Business School. In January 2023, we both took out a student loan and we launched ourselves. ;quot;. Strategy, preparation, study, business plan… Everything went before creating the brand and logo in the summer of 2023 and then meeting a developer.

A concept quickly adopted

"We started from 0 before the launch of the platform which took place on March 29, 2024. We relayed the information to from all our friends, friends of friends, social networks, we posted videos that created a buzz and very quickly the media became interested in us"& nbsp;take up Idris and Charlotte.  The visitors too who immediately adopted the concept. The start-up even won two prizes in competitions including the BNP-Paribas Grand Prix in the Total EDHEC Entreprendre competition. "Our desire is to be able to duplicate Shop Ta Place in the major cities of France and at home, in Montpellier, as a priority."

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