Input record in Italy of 14 tonnes of amphetamines produced in Syria

Saisie record en Italie de 14 tonnes d’amphétamines produites en Syrie

ROME-The Italian police announced on Wednesday the seizure record 14 tonnes of amphetamine, in the form of 84 million tablets of captagon produced in Syria.

For the colonel Domenico Napolitano, commander of the police financial of Naples, ” it is the seizure of amphetamines the largest ever conducted by police forces at a global level “.

This jack realized in the port of Salerno (south of Naples) has a value of one billion euros on the market, says a press release of the Italian police.

The tablets are marked by two semi-circles, the symbol of ” captagon “, a drug classified as a narcotic and used to ” fund terrorism “, according to the press release.

“We know that the islamic State is funding its own terrorist activities, especially the trafficking of synthetic drug produced in Syria, which for this reason in recent years has become the world’s largest producer of amphetamines “, says the same source.

According to the investigation headed by the public prosecutor of Naples, the drug was contained in three suspect containers, containing cylinders of paper for industrial use and metal wheels. The daily newspaper la Repubblica reveals that the cargo was to be shipped to a swiss company based in Lugano, owned by Italian nationals.

Each cylinder of paper in multilayer, approximately 2 meters high and a diameter of 1.40 metre (probably made in Germany), was used to hide inside approximately 350 kg of tablets without being able to be detected by a scanner. The huge metal wheels and cut by the experts were also filled with pills.

The investigation had started two weeks ago when the same unit of investigation of Naples specialized in organized crime had intercepted a container of counterfeit clothes, hiding 2 800 kg of hachich and 190 kg of amphetamine in the form of more than one million pills of captagon.

This first shipment, sent by a syrian society, had attracted the attention of customs officers, because it was intended to Libya through a swiss company, according to information from La Repubblica. The three new containers intercepted Wednesday were sent by the same syrian society at the same company in switzerland, adds the newspaper.

The investigators believe that a “consortium” of criminal groups is to manoeuvre, because the 85 million tablets we can satisfy a market of european dimensions ranging so far beyond the Italian consumption. According to one hypothesis, it could be a “cartel” of clans of the Camorra (mafia of naples).

The containment due to the epidemic of the coronavirus has no doubt blocked the production and distribution of synthetic drugs in Europe. Therefore, many traffickers would have turned to Syria for re-supply.

The Italian police stressed that the “captagon”, sold in the Middle East, ” is very prevalent among the combatants to inhibit the fear and the pain.”

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