Input record of pot to the u.s.-canada border

U.s. customs officials conducted a sweep record, last week, by intercepting a canadian permanent resident who was attempting to enter the United States with more than four tons of marijuana.

The customs Service and border protection has explained, in a press release published Monday, have intercepted on June 25, a truck carrying 9472 lb (4296 kg) of cannabis on the Peace bridge, which connects Fort Erie, Ontario, Buffalo, new york in the State of New York.

Scanning the truck X-ray, customs officers noticed anomalies in the cargo. A closer inspection of this last was found the drugs sealed in packets distributed on 55 pallets.

The value of the seizure is estimated at more than US$ 20 MILLION (approximately$ 27.2 MILLION CA).

“This is the largest seizure of narcotics in the northern border and the 23rd largest in the United States during the past five years”, stressed the customs Service.

The driver of the truck, Prabjot Magra, a permanent canadian resident of indian origin between the age of 26 years old, was arrested on the spot. He faces charges of possession to distribute more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana and importation of marijuana.

If he is found guilty, these charges could bring a sentence of life imprisonment. The minimum penalty is 10 years in prison, said the office of the prosecutor of the State of New York.

Us customs officers have noticed an upsurge in the number of seizures of the importance of marijuana to the border in recent weeks.

“The return of the seized major marijuana is alarming and cheeky, given the public health crisis,” commented the officer in charge of the investigation to the department of homeland Security, Kevin Kelly, by issuing a press release.

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