Insects on the menu: Private school adds worms and grasshoppers to its dishes

Insects on the menu: Private school adds worms and grasshoppers to school his dishes


Worms, grasshoppers, locusts: A private school for girls in London has added insects to its daily menus at the request of its pupils, who have asked for more eco-friendly dishes.  

“The girls have been a driving force behind change, and are truly open to trying new things that are better for the world, even if that includes trying bugs foods that are common elsewhere in the world and a sustainable source of fiber,” commented Guy Kaye, general manager of catering for the establishment. from north London (NLCS), Chinese noodles with teriyaki grasshoppers, crickets with sweet chilli and lime or even worms in Buffalo sauce on a bed of Mexican rice are on the menu, “The Telegraph” reported on Wednesday . 

The project, voted on by the eco-responsible students of the private school, aims to make the establishment greener, by adopting sustainable catering. Insect farming would produce 75% less carbon emissions than poultry production, the English media said. 

While the particular menu is currently only in its phase trial, the new ingredients could be added to the menu permanently.  

The school already had a predominantly vegetarian menu, with only a third of its dishes containing meat, according to the British media.