Inseparable in DVD & Blu-ray : Ahmed Sylla and Alban Ivanov can be found in a hilarious comedy

Inseparable : Ahmed Sylla and Alban Ivanov in prison

It is too cold to go to the movies but you still want to make a movie ? That falls well, it is January 10, that will be released in DVD, Blu-ray and SVOD comedy Inseparable scope by Ahmed Sylla and Alban Ivanov.

What’s better than a comedy for a great start to this new year ? Good news is the 10th of January next, that the film Inseparable signed Varante Soudjian and carried by the excellent duo of Ahmed Sylla / Alban Ivanov, will be released in DVD, Blu-ray and SVOD.

A comedy totally crossed out

The program ? Today, Mika has the good life and is about to marry the daughter of a rich business man. But before that, Mika was a small time crook, in particular, passed through the prison. And unfortunately for him, while D-day is fast approaching, his past is about to catch up with him and ruin his life.

In fact, as you can see in the trailer below, Putin – his former roommate behind bars, will find it and want to spend time with him. Problem, it is totally crazy and does strictly nothing as the world. Result, Mika will find himself entangled in confusion unlikely, and will have to imagine plans as insane as effective to get rid of such a liability.

An extract unpublished

Nice success at the box-office (1 037 582 entries in 2019), Inseparable is a comedy in the old-fashioned way with two characters that everything opposes immersed in situations that are inventive and hilarious. And to convince you of the absurdity of the film (and the insanity of Putin), it even offers a preview unpublished available in our slideshow. Thank you for that ?

Inseparable comes out January 10 on DVD, Blu-ray and SVOD.

Inseparable : Ahmed Sylla and Alban Ivanov can be found in a hilarious comedy

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