Inspectors will monitor the wearing of the mask

Des inspecteurs surveilleront le port du masque

The bus drivers will not have to play the police as a total of 17 inspectors will have the task of enforcing the wearing of masks compulsory in transit to Levis, from 13 July.

The City of Lévis intends to enforce to the letter the instructions of the public health. Ten service vehicles will be used to monitor the customer.

“The game plan of the STL, from mid-July until early September, it is that there will be inspectors at stations, the busiest to ensure that all users have a mask. Failing that, the instructions are going to be recalled, and if the user refuses, there is no boarding possible, ” said the mayor of Lévis, Gilles Lehouillier.

In front of a problematic situation, a supervisor will be able to arrive on the scene, and as a last resort the police will be involved.

Last June 30, the prime minister François Legault announced that all users of public transport of Quebec will be required to wear a cover-face as of 13 July.

The measure is accompanied with a grace period of 14 days during which the users without a mask will, despite everything, access to public transport. The obligation will enter into force on the 27 July. No fine is not planned for the moment.

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