Inspirational books to please mom

Inspirational books to please mom


There is no better present to spoil mum than to offer her a moment of respite to browse the pages of a book that will touch her heart.

Here are some reading ideas for Mother's Day.

La Couveuse by Marie-Claude Barrette

A few months after losing a child at birth, Marie-Claude Barrette is pregnant again, but the loss of amniotic fluid the night following an amniocentesis leads her to make a sacrifice that will be worth the effort: immobilize for 133 days. , until the birth of Charles.


Gourmet! by Marina Orsini

Actress and host Marina Orsini shares her family recipes with flavors from here and Italy and invites us to her table in the company of the women (her mother, her aunt, her cousin and her loving grandmother) who helped feed the great foodie she has become.

39.95 $,

How are you, mom? de Lory Zephyr

Minitherapy to overcome anxiety and maternal guilt, this book brings together benevolent reflections and inspirational lessons on family, mental load, identity, intimacy, communication and anxiety as well as exercises and self-care to fall in love with your motherhood all over again.

29, $95,

Better survive your motherhood by Maude Michaud


Everything we never dared write in books about motherhood finds its way into this survival guide, as the author reveals “the real business” surrounding parenting concerns (pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, marriage, etc.) by recalling that perfection does not exist.


The Petit Larousse for future mothers under the direction of Dr Anne Théau

This book reveals a wealth of information on the development of the baby, the transformations of the body of the future mother, the main medical examinations, then offers advice to soothe minor daily ailments, have a balanced diet, keep in shape, preparing for childbirth, etc.


From the heart to the stomach by Nathalie Lauzon

This book brings together stories of pregnancies experienced by ten inspiring public women, who answered without taboos the author's comical and intimate questions, so that their confidences invite mothers to remember, to tell each other and to gather.


Anne and the child-old manby Francine Ruel

This self-fiction novel that inspired the series Anna & Arnaud tells the story of a mother who tries to help her son lost in drugs and living in a situation of homelessness since he suffered a serious accident.

< em>$24.95,

Balanced mom, healthy family by Victoria Kult

Mom and weight management coach, the author helps women find the balance between the life of a mom and that of a healthy woman, getting back in shape, regaining their confidence and feeling good about themselves. skin.


This light in us by Michelle Obama

After posting Becoming, her memoirs, Michelle Obama draws on her experience as a mother, daughter, wife, friend and first lady, to confide in her most recent book her secrets and the resources she deploys to deal with the hazards of life, overcome obstacles and achieve oneself in these uncertain times.


I made a human by Gabrielle Caron

Host of the series I made a human on QUB radio, comedian Gabrielle Caron recounts her entry into motherhood, from the first months of pregnancy to childbirth, including the “shower”, the prenatal classes and postpartum depression, intertwining her expectations and perfect scenarios with reality.


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