Instagram and co., of the courts without appeal

Instagram et cie, des tribunaux sans appel

The social networks are without mercy. As long as you have at least one cell phone, one can come to the end of any one of a single click.

There is no need for advocacy. A simple allegation, an accusation, a rumor, and pow ! you’re dead. As effective as a bullet from kalashnikov fired by a sniper. By Morin, Kevin Parent, Yann Perreau, or Alex Nevsky are on to something. These are the most recent sentenced. That gossips, envious, and search-shit can rest assured that the list will lengthen.

When we did the tour of our show-business, we will explore other environments surmédiatisés, such as professional sports, politics, justice (the never ending finish) high finance, etc., The “nobody” will remain at the shelter. What good is it to shoot someone that only his loved ones know?

Half of humanity can no longer ignore the other half lives in a parallel world composed of 3.5 billion users of Facebook and Instagram. In Instagram, the tribunal of which we speak more these days, users are in the majority. More than two-thirds of what is said. Bad news for the gentlemen…


In this parallel world, nothing works like in the “old” analog world. Most of the presumption of innocence, for example. The defamation? Word unknown. The facts? The “fake news”. The reality : the reality that we imagine. We like or we like not, without further explanation. No shade. The revenge is exercised under the guise of a quest for justice. The desire to eradicate old patterns of thought is that a pernicious form of censorship. Claim that he is not a racist means that it is. Vaccines, COVID-19, 5G are deaf conspiracies ourdis not Bill Gates and the like.

The court of social networks is so ruthless that most of the convicts prefer to indulge in pathetic public confessions, rather than defend, hoping at best to lighten their sentence, or, at worst, prolong their agony media.

Alex Nevsky acknowledges “to have made the blackmail emotional with its partners and to have had unrealistic expectations about sexuality”. Yann Perreau has humbly apologized for “discomfort, the anger and the pain he could create around himself by some inappropriate behaviour”. David Desrosiers account get professional help “in order to educate themselves and act appropriately in the future”. By Morin, she begins a therapy, etc, etc


Mark Zuckerberg would do useful work by tapping into its billion to build huge camps for re-education. Chinese and Russians have the plans. I would see the prime minister Justin Trudeau, who took big to be forgiven also, provide free of charge to this end large areas of Baffin island, after having obtained the permission of the Inuit, of course!

Whether we like it or not, it will be necessary well, one of these days, that these two parts of humanity will eventually reach. The train where things are going, it is unlikely that change a lot the social networks, legitimate as they are by the infinite number of their users. One has only to see with what superb Zuckerberg has played down the boycott of the international advertisers.

As to the other part of the world – one to which I belong –, the judicial system can not continue his train of turtle if it wants to restore a just rule of law and the presumption of innocence.

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